Custom House Football Club was established in time for the 2011/12 Season.

It started off with two blokes (Nick Field and Wayne Saliba) chatting across an internet forum, Having discussed in length all the whats, wheres and whys it was decided to give it a go, Wayne Saliba had been involved in local Football for at least 5 years while Nick Field Has been running Football Clubs in Newham for at least 10 years (playing locally for 30+) and has great pedigree.

Nick Field called in all sorts of favours from old players and had a decent turnout to their first training session that was held at Beckton District Park South (pyramids), which is where the club was officially born.

Due to starting from nothing Custom House where low on funds, like most new clubs are, so the first kit they had purchased was from an internet auction site for under £100 – and that was the first kit for Custom House Football Club.

Their first game as a club was won 5-3 against Leyton Green, Custom House then found themselves on the end of there biggest ever defeat when they lost 12-3 to DM United.

Like most clubs finding a sponsor was difficult but the hard work from Wayne & Nick paid off as they managed to get a sponsor for their pitch (Lyle Park) from Tate & Lyle, they also managed to get Excel (ADNEC) to sponsor a new home and away kit for the club – 2 of the biggest company’s in Britain where on board to sponsor the club.

The first season for Custom House (2011/12) didn’t end too well, finishing 3rd from bottom of the league and knocked out in the Q-Finals of the Fenton Cup, But that didn’t keep Custom House down as they moved onwards and improved the squad for 2012-13 this time winning the league and going a round further in the League cup.

The 2013/14 season brought the club their first ever relegation (albeit voluntarily) which was not a great time for the club as they lost the majority of their experienced players and it was a rebuilding process that will hopefully see them rewarded for all the hard work that has been put in.

In the clubs short existence (5 seasons) we have won the third division title, been relegated, lost two cup finals and lost a further 2 cup semi finals (both on penalties).

We play our home games in Silvertown E16, We are currently self funded (and are always actively looking for sponsorship / funding) Our board are ambitious and although low on funds we are always striving to reach the next level.

We currently play level 15 on the football pyramid – 14 promotions away from the premier league (we can all dream).